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Book announcing the Japanese automaker’s cars are the most considered by new car shoppers. Toyota has just re-established itself atop the most recent Kelly Blue Book.
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Kelley Blue Book also said it had dropped the used-car values of the Toyota Prius by 1.5 percent. This would apply to 2009 and older models.Looking for used Toyota prices and values? Find Toyota blue book values at AOL Autos. KBB - your source for used car values.Toyota has just re-established itself atop the most recent Kelly Blue Book (KBB) Market Intelligence Brand Watch study for the third quarter of 2010, after placing second.
While Kelley Blue Book's valuation analysis shows that Toyota fared well overall during the past year considering all that … As for Toyota's new-car traffic on Kelley Blue Book's, which can be a leading indicator of new-car sales patterns...
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Edmunds gives only an old car that evaluates online refers to the time 1990, and provides appraisels for cars from 1980 to 1989. Edmunds does not give values ​​for older or classic cars outside these years.


Dealers are in a new era of car sold at retail in a better position than ever before. As long as people need cars, they will need a dealer to sell and serve them. And while the dealers around, NADA will be there to support them.

History NADA
NADA has a rich and fascinating history. The following article appeared in the journal AutoExec NADA marked the 75th anniversary of the association in 1992:

Early Times (1917-1942)
Decades of war (1943-1967)
Regs & Recessions (1968-1992)
NADA: A Brief History
1917: NADA initiated the successful efforts to reduce dealer luxury vehicle tax from 5 percent to 3 percent.

1918: NADA as the first annual meeting in Chicago, adjusts HEADQUARTERS, St. Louis gets first major legislation - the National Law Avtougone - and soon began to publish the Bulletin of the NADA, the predecessor AutoExec NADA.

1931: NADA creating the first contracts factory dealer.

1933: N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide debuts (40 000 copies), NADA's membership in the Low Depression 2200, but with the help of Germany, jumps to 20,000 next year.

1941: NADA moved from Detroit to Washington, DC

1944: "The battalions NADA" - adopted by the Association of mechanics work - involved in the invasion of the day "D" in Normandy.

1952: President of NADA, it seems, on the Ed Sullivan program (encourages vote).

1954: NADA Dealer lobbies for benefits and Taft-Hartley Act in order to eliminate the "phantom freight" charges automakers.

1956: NADA insurance program begins (later NADIT) and the following year, the pension program (later NADART).

1960: The first high-quality premium dealer (from Post Saturday night) in this agreement NADA.

1968: Frank E. McCarthy begins a 33-year career as a manager, 20 groups have started and two years later, the American Truck Dealers formed.

1975: NADA builds McLean, Va., Headquarters Committee on the Effects of Elections Dealer launches and the Legal Defense Fund.

1977: The charity is established.

1979: Doors open at the Academy of the dealer.

1984: First review of the relationship dealer.

1986: NADA is liberated Superfund for the dealers, who collect used oil from do-it-yourselfers.

1987: Rear law to intervene antiodometra NADA.

1996: NADA debut, form a committee, helping to get luxury tax law of a gradual decline.

1997: NADA urges IRS to allow dealers to settle violations of LIFO.

2000: NADA redesigned and renamed the magazine AutoExec; debut a Web site offering Internet access, links to dealers across the country.
2001: A long-time president of NADA Frank McCarthy dies, Phillip D. Brady, called the president; NADA-supported a gradual reduction in inheritance tax becomes law.

Kelley Blue Book

In 1918 a young man named Les Kelley parked three Model T Fords in an open party, inserted $ 450 and began to Kelley Kar Company. This was to become the largest representation in the world and, along the way, give rise to a need to place values ​​in youkorystovuvani and even new cars, known as the Blue Book value. This story of how it all happened. 1914 was an interesting year. 19 year old named Baby Ruth passed its first game in big companies as Baltimore Oriole. And Les Kelley, the son of Propovidnyka of Arkansas, probyvavsya to California at age 17.

In Les had no money and no work, but he belonged to an old car. It was in great shape because he had a skill for mechanics and rebuilt it directly. All his friends admired his car and frequently tried to buyit. After a large number of convictions he finally sold you one of them. With the money he received from the transaction, Le bought another old Ford. After giving the car full restructuring, he traded it away, taking two old machines and nevelykiy amount of money under the agreement. He repaired the cars and sold them. With the money he bought other used cars and made enough money to pay his way through college.1918 was an interesting year. Baby Ruth was now reliever for Boston Red Sox when they won the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. The First World War ended on th 11-hour 11-11th day of th month. And how many young people at the end of the war, Kelly Le wishednuv foothold in the business world. He rented part of a lot of other Dealer in Los Angeles and began to Kelley Kar Company with three cars for sale. His brother, Buster, in 13 years, Les has joined as a lot boy, changing tires and mycars. 18 K under Buster managed repair shop with a dozen mechanics, and Les managed sales. Wood and so keep up Buster, which they had to move to progressively more space.In the early 1920 s to help purchase new inventory, Les Kelley distributed to other dealers and banks list of cars that he wanted to buy and the price he was willing to pay for them. Automotive community beginning to trust his judgment asand accurately reflects the current cost, they began to ask the list for their own use. When someone asked the dealer that his old car could cost you, the dealer is usually looked at Mr. Kelly's list, conveniently pidhornutyy under his promokalnym paper table. In Le Kelly did not take long to realize that he could provide ongoing service to dealers and bankers like.1926 was an interesting year for individual achievement. 19 year old American named Gertrude Ederle swam the English Channel. "Our work" was the first woman to win the Channel, and her time was almost two hours faster than men report. Baby Ruth led the Yankees in the Worldovu series (although he analyzed the game in the final seven, when he was caught, steal). Ford rose to the president Edsel Ford Motor Company, soon to announce the Model A.And in Los Angeles, Les Kelley decided to expand the list of automobile values ​​that he did in 1918 and published the first book Blue Values ​​car. He showed the factory declared market value and cash value on thousands of vehicles, From Cadillacs to Duesenbergs, from Archer to penetrate-Hupmobiles. Packard sedan limousine with balloons in 1926 could bring as much as $ 3825. 
But Nash car racing in 1921, even with the clock, only cost $ 50. Le called Blue Book nublikatsiyi after the Social Register, because it meant that you will find valuable information inside. (Emily Post also recently published his first book of etiquette, which was later to be called etiquette: Using Social Blue Book). And Les Kelleywas to make Kelley Blue Book synonymous with the authoritative source for car values. To this day, throughout the country, people ask the question: "What is the Blue Book value of my car?" In representing Les selling "Blue TrayAutomotive Seals, "so he carried a blue and gold ribbon medallion to cover Blue Book, where it remains sohodni.zrobyty Kelley Blue Book synonymous with the authoritative source for car values. To this day, throughout the country,people pose the question: "What is Blue Book value of my car?" In representing Les selling "Blue Tray Automotive Seals," so he carried a blue and gold ribbon medallion to cover Blue Book, where it remains today.Kelley Kar Company was always known innovative approaches to selling cars. In the early 1920 s all cars were painted black (joke went that Henry Ford would say that you could buy any color Model T you wanted as long as itwas black). True - the only reason that all cars were black, it was because black paint dried faster. Then it took about a month to paint a car, because every coat on every part had to be dried Countyryam. Because of its unique chemical makeup, black paint dried faster than other colors. As it was, Ford had to devote about 20 acres of covered storage for vehicles waiting to dry. One day, when Buster Kelley (byezanyy here) led the auto workshop, the employee was going to repaint the car. He suggested that they repainted it pink! Horsebreaker questioned the logic of this at first, but the painter agreed to repaint it black again bezkoshtoExactly, if it did not sell. So they painted it pink, put it in the showroom, and it sold immediately. So they painted another pink, and it is sold. Finally they painted every car auto workshop in pink! Sales soared. (Incidentally, DuPont came up with lacquer, which, in any color, dried in two hours instead of months, and the industry has changed rapidly.)And the establishment and publication continued to flourish. Buster Kelley eventually blazed his way to the CEO and publisher representation Blue Book. Kelley Kar Company moved to a corner of Figueroa Street in Los Angeles and Pico pidnyala almost the entire block. Repair / garages in another location on Pico has hired more than a hundred people. For many years there were only a representation of the operation of used equipment, which was to become the largest in the world. In those days new automoblni representation not sell the old machine, so Kelly bought vehicles that new Dealer took in trade, as well as directly from the public.Often, as part of the sale, Buster had to spend a Saturday or Sunday teaching the buyers (sometimes both husband and wife) as the ride! Kelly opened their own insurance company and auto club and sold the whole package with the car.Sometimes the line of cars waiting to be evaluated, vylasya be around the block all day. During the Depression there were times when they bought all the equipment dealers who went bankrupt. 1930-40-ones and they were a different world from the car business today.Second World War brought with it a lack of cars. Prices for old car had become so high, the government decided to put a ceiling on prices and used the Blue Book as the ceiling for the wholesale and retail value. Subscribe to book a hundredla the need for dealers. In representing Kelly continued to introduce innovations. They bought cars in the East and sent as many as 1,000 in a month in Los Angeles in freight cars. A person who is going to be a design, could sell itsCar Kelley Kar Company and then continue to keep it straight until he went to war. When the war was over, Kelly proposed "GI Credit Plan," which did not include money down and up to five years to pay.Son horsebreaker, Bob, started in business is as his father had as many boy. He tretyruvav tank and placed 32 pounds of air in each tire (50 ¢ and made the day). After college he joined the company full-time as inmerchant and then in sales. Les Kelley bought a small Ford privilege during the war and later Kelley Kar Company, which managed and used as a new car and office. Polnostranichnye newspaper ad nabyvayutsya invited to demonstratsiynyy Kelly Hall. And horsebreaker became perhaps the first national dealer who will use the new television medium!Advertising ruled the entire 15 minutes, where Buster would walk around the show room, indicating the urgent message that offered a guarantee: return the car within 30 days and you can exchange it for any other vehicle withthe same or higher price. Many people show business bought cars in Kelly. The picture above shows Randolph Scott taking delivery of his new Ford from Les Kelley. More success was to be. In 1950th, they have been the largest Ford dealer in additionto being the largest representative of the old machines in the world.1950 By the end of their Les Kelley, then in his sixties, decided to cash in on part of that success. He decided to sell the establishment, rather than move them again (this time will mean a move from downtown Los Angeles, the current territory CentRU Main product). In 1962 Kelly was completely outside the automotive business and full-time dedication to the blue book with Buster as Publisher and Bob (shown here) as Assistant Pablisher. The company moved to Long Beach and later in district Orinj. Wood continued to be active in business until his death in 1990 at the age of 93.Over the next 30 years the Blue Book was to thrive as a "trade" publication, meaning that it was only sold to companies involved in automotive industry, such as Dealer, financial institutions and insurance companies. These clientand used the book comes out twice a month to decide everything from loans to evaluate the suggested retail prices. Blue Book Kelly continued to innovate, becoming the first publication to show the effect of a large or small mothand avtobudynky or took them as objects that appear in payment for the new, so they needed information about them as well. Blue book guides developed Kelley VR, which placed values ​​in all of travel trailers to tourists to the villageMrs. value of the car. As a natural development, the company began to publish other guides values. In 1966 added New Automobile Pricing Management, and the company became the leading provider of assessment services industry. Dealer sometimes carriednihohodah ATV. A separate Motorcycle Guide was published, and manufactured housing guide.Since the quality of cars improved, people began to keep them longer. The average age of the vehicle on the road today, as estimated, was about nine years. Blue book covers seven years, so that made sense to produce a family Gross valueittya computers for the values ​​of the vehicle. Basically, starting with the first newsletter Le Kelly, the company was really in the information business. Delivery of information continues to evolve from a letter to the books to foundedoviy Series (but without Baby dancer). In Britain, the first child born from test tubes. And the family tradition has reached the third generation of Kelly, when Bob's son, Mike, joined the company. Mike's background in science made him a natural to let centuriestion, Older Car Guide, which provided values ​​even 14 years ago. Then came Early Model Guide, which now provides full value back in 1946! 1978 was an interesting year. New York Yankee beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Worldwow on computer software to the Internet! Mike Kelly became general manager in 1981 and helped develop systems for dealers to get the value of the object that appears in the new online payment account. This led to the application of SARezpechennya PC for new and old car evaluation. For many years there was no label officially announced prices for new cars offered for sale in the offices. Then in 1958, Senator Montrond brought to the billwho demanded the window sticker on every new car that opens its features, and manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP). When it became law, it led to increased consumer confidence and jump in auto sales. Tu label sohodni still call label Monroney. But in the 1990 Dealer still stuck on the old machine party with handmade signs and paint the window that advertises "small milyazh!" or "fully loaded" It was time for Blue Book Kelley, whoto introduce innovation again. They created software installed on your computer for dealers to use to print a window sticker 
Blue book listing milyazh, equipment, etc., for used cars, along with her Xinfirst book suggested retail value compared to the requested price dealer. Once again the result was increased consumer confidence. Since 1992, every year several millions of used machines sold, showing the label Blue Book.In 1993, Kelley Blue book transformed its initial venture into the consumer market by issuing Consumer Issue Blue Book. It quickly became a national "number one selling" car book, often making the bestseller list of USA Today. It shows aZuya '15 values ​​old car more than 10,000 models of cars, trucks and vans and is available in bookstores, auto parts stores and other locations. 1995 was an interesting year, filled with strange events- Oklahoma City bombing, OJ verdict the trial O'Dzheya Simpson and reaching a record high Dow Jones, once in 4000, then 5000. Quietly, though, something called the World Wide Web represented among regular people, called Internetom. It was time to innovate again, and Kelley Blue Book saw further opportunity to facilitate transactions between consumers and retailers. The company created a Web site,, running on one computer and offers first, new car prices in 1995ybuvayuchy to and millions more information about Blue Book review of the numerous doors and other automotive sites, including those with car manufacturers and car dealers. When was launched in 1995, is accused of consumers $ 3.95 for an evaluation report. Almost immediately Kelley Blue Book received email from several clients who claim that the information on the Internet should be free. Rather than disagree with its own customers, the company waved her hand nand then he was known values ​​of old machines in 1996. In early 1996, 20,000 people a month find their way to the place, largely word of mouth. That number has grown slightly since then and now more than seven million visitors a month, Prand charging after only three weeks and began to switch to business, controlled by both radio and television, supported, giving the ad and partners. The valuation reports are free to consumers since.In 2000, Bob and Mike Kelly left the company but lives in the enterprise of today's leading companies. Even though the blue book out of the insurance Kelley, car club and warranty companies several decades ago, the company's leaders have always been those ofikavo new ways to help connect consumers and the automotive industry. While brand Kelley Blue Book remained focused information, which the trust needed in buying and selling vehicles, the breadth of howand the information needed has grown considerably. Once, new car buyers used just MSRP as a guide and, later, the price of the account. But studies have shown that it was the desire to know the actual transaction prices for new cars. Blue Book Kelley went to work and going to analyze the agreement of thousands of dollars across the United States, and in 2002, introduced visitors to Fair purchase price for new cars - that are smart buyers actually pay for them. Inter RegionNeto, it is hard to imagine. It is believed that there are more than 600 billion web pages (more than 100 pages for each person on the planet). But new information on websites organized way can still be challenging. It was a timefor Blue Book Kelley, to introduce innovation all over again. Opportunity arrived in 2004, when Kelley Blue Book acquired company run under the name CDM data. With their products and services, Dealer can quickly remove vehiclesadd detailed descriptions and upload them to the Internet for car buyers to see.

Find Blue Book for cars?

There are certain websites on the Internet, to which we can access and learn valuable information about automobiles, particularly automobile values. Car blue book values ​​- the concept of the website as the Black Values ​​list, and there are many especiallySome date inserted. 
Of course, car dealers do not have anyone to sell their cars with prices, indicating the Web site. They may try to sell with greater price or lower price, because the website only bring sellers valuation price asobilya. For people trying to sell car, this tool is perfect for website analytics study every day car price lists, to give the vehicle, assesses the Blue Book is the best estimate of their car, after Dr.Vost of the car. Website Blue Book - resource, trusted, new cars, old cars, and dealer inventory, loans and insurance. And most important, this is a feature that shows users estimated value of their automaticand sellers use the same model car, to sell their own cars. This - the price that can be changed by the conditions of your car as well. The car is in very good shape, you can ask more money for Harewow, but if the car is in very bad condition, you should lower the price to sell it.
Also automotive website Blue Book values ​​- a good tool for buyers. When a customer wants to buy a car, it can calculate the value of the first car that he wants to buy, so he knows exactly what price, which hemovlyavsya the seller was the correct price for the specified car model and year. And according to the values ​​he finds on the website, it can also negotiate with the seller to get a better price, but it also depends of many motor status.
Website Blue Book also helps its users to find all the details of the loan to buy a car or leasing companies, and consultants can help you find the best alternative between loans and leases, and alsocan help you choose the best option with the lowest cost, so you can buy a car that you want. Insurance is also very important after you bought the car, so with Web sites give you the bestchoice, helping you choose that perfect for your car.

Find Wholesale Blue Book for used cars.

Car buyers and sellers send me an email often homogeneous Asking questions. How can I find the wholesale blue book for old cars. In the car market across the country are the two main leading prices. Book CB, and bookand price. If you buy or sell a car is to your benefit to know how to find the wholesale blue book for old cars. List of reasons is endless, but remember some of it - a method used by creditor banks to issue avtokrNever mind. As far as Houston is concerned, my experience has forced me to think that the wholesale value of more frequently used NOTHING dealers at auction, while the public determines values, referring to Kelly Blue Book to determineedyty or analyze your assets. It is also used at an auction dealer to determine the maximum price for the offer price, and is used in offices as a marketing tool.

Kelley Blue Book established its name in the car industry approximately Seventy five years ago, when it is beginning to assess the car across the country. Then the only beneficiaries were car dealers. KBB Soon later released valuation book, which Mr.romadskist can use to determine a fair price to buy, sell, or trade for used cars. It is worth mentioning that the book gives you the science, however, then your right to add your art to the equation. After buying orcar sale is not strictly a science, it also involves art, such as how clean the car, what color - lubricating oil, basically how good was the car that regard.

Classic Car Blue Book

Classic car value and on the blue book and answer session where to find free classic car old car values ​​and estimates that determines whether or consider car classic car Where can I buy a classic carTake the blue book Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds classic car values ​​issue makes any offers used car values ​​blue book values ​​classic collector cars typically increase consistently. If valuablevirtue blue book was recently released, classic car prices may not be current or accurate. Check multiple sources to determine whether successive different tsinnosti.neni assessed value.

The blue book provides a classic car values ​​online. Select based on - Kolektsionovani Cars Special Interest Cars Exotic Cars Trucks, Vans & SUVs Cars with high power Sportsvni cars luxury cars Cars Used assessment provided for cars and trucks from 1926 to 1990. From 1946 to 2010 estimated special interest cars. Book publication Pack 3times yearly (January, May, September) and costs $ 74.00 annually or $ 37.00 for single copies.