Dealers are in a new era of car sold at retail in a better position than ever before. As long as people need cars, they will need a dealer to sell and serve them. And while the dealers around, NADA will be there to support them.

History NADA
NADA has a rich and fascinating history. The following article appeared in the journal AutoExec NADA marked the 75th anniversary of the association in 1992:

Early Times (1917-1942)
Decades of war (1943-1967)
Regs & Recessions (1968-1992)
NADA: A Brief History
1917: NADA initiated the successful efforts to reduce dealer luxury vehicle tax from 5 percent to 3 percent.

1918: NADA as the first annual meeting in Chicago, adjusts HEADQUARTERS, St. Louis gets first major legislation - the National Law Avtougone - and soon began to publish the Bulletin of the NADA, the predecessor AutoExec NADA.

1931: NADA creating the first contracts factory dealer.

1933: N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide debuts (40 000 copies), NADA's membership in the Low Depression 2200, but with the help of Germany, jumps to 20,000 next year.

1941: NADA moved from Detroit to Washington, DC

1944: "The battalions NADA" - adopted by the Association of mechanics work - involved in the invasion of the day "D" in Normandy.

1952: President of NADA, it seems, on the Ed Sullivan program (encourages vote).

1954: NADA Dealer lobbies for benefits and Taft-Hartley Act in order to eliminate the "phantom freight" charges automakers.

1956: NADA insurance program begins (later NADIT) and the following year, the pension program (later NADART).

1960: The first high-quality premium dealer (from Post Saturday night) in this agreement NADA.

1968: Frank E. McCarthy begins a 33-year career as a manager, 20 groups have started and two years later, the American Truck Dealers formed.

1975: NADA builds McLean, Va., Headquarters Committee on the Effects of Elections Dealer launches and the Legal Defense Fund.

1977: The charity is established.

1979: Doors open at the Academy of the dealer.

1984: First review of the relationship dealer.

1986: NADA is liberated Superfund for the dealers, who collect used oil from do-it-yourselfers.

1987: Rear law to intervene antiodometra NADA.

1996: NADA debut, form a committee, helping to get luxury tax law of a gradual decline.

1997: NADA urges IRS to allow dealers to settle violations of LIFO.

2000: NADA redesigned and renamed the magazine AutoExec; debut a Web site offering Internet access, links to dealers across the country.
2001: A long-time president of NADA Frank McCarthy dies, Phillip D. Brady, called the president; NADA-supported a gradual reduction in inheritance tax becomes law.


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